piss test - biggest band in europe

impo & the tents - peek after a poke

the cry! - dangerous game

the gaggers - blame you

the number ones - s/t

gg king - unending darkness

neighborhood brats - recovery

stephen malkmus and the jicks - wig out at jagbags

the primitives - spin-o-rama

greys - if anything

so cow - the long con

thurston moore - the best day

pale lights - before there were pictures

mannequin pussy - gypsy pervert

eureka california - crunch

the somersault boy - how to do a somersault

j. mascis - tied to a star

ryan adams - 1984

kurt baker - brand new b-sides

clearance - catalogue nos



stephen malkmus and the jicks @ bitterzoet, amszterdam

blondie @ aréna, budapest

calvin johnson @ müszi, budapest

peach kelli pop,sonic avenues,needles//pins @ trafik, budapest

king khan & the shrines @ kuplung, budapest

Címkék: 2014